Why Replace When We Can Repair?

Work with an electric motor repair shop in Manchester & Somersworth, NH from throughout Northern New England

Is your sewer pump acting up? Don't wait for a full-blown disaster to happen before fixing it. Turn to AAA Pump Service & Fay Electric Motors for electric motor repair services.

If your motor is beyond repairing, you can replace it with a new unit from our large selection. Dial 603-645-8610 now to set up an appointment at Manchester, New Hampshire's top electric motor repair shop.

3 benefits of electric motor rewinding

Has your pump’s motor stopped working? Before you buy a new one, consider getting electric motor rewinding service from AAA Pump Service & Fay Electric Motors. Repairing your motor’s winding is…

    1. Cost-effective: Compared to buying a new electric motor, rewinding offers significant savings.
    2. An eco-friendly option: The environmental cost of replacing a motor makes rewinding a responsible option.
    3. Efficient: Rewinding will improve your motor’s overall function.

You can also ask our team to upgrade other parts during the rewinding process. It’s like getting a brand-new motor at a fraction of the cost.
Call today to schedule electric motor rewinding service at our Manchester, NH location.

Our services include:

  • General electric motor repairs including general repairs and machining
  • Rewinding motors up to 400 HP
  • Balancing on our Dynamic Research balancer (1500 pound capacity)
  • Rebuilding of most pumps, including impeller balancing
  • Rebuilding gearboxes

We are an authorized service center for:

  • Baldor motors and pumps
  • Zoeller motors
  • AO Smith pumps
  • Armstrong pumps
  • Barnes pumps

We also service:

  • Bodine
  • Leeson
  • WEG
  • Fasco
  • Marathon
  • GE
  • Teco-Westinghouse
  • SWE Eurodrive
  • Bell & Gossett

We are an authorized distributor for:

  • Baldor
  • Barnes
  • WEG
  • AO Smith
  • Fasco

We can rebuild or repair stators, rotors, armatures, fields, and coils.
If you don't see it here, give us a call! (603) 645-8610